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And the long weekend draws to a close.

It's been a good weekend. Not as productive as planned, but then, long weekends seldom are.

I've spent most of the weekend, and indeed, last week, avoiding responsibilities, both to myself and to others. I didn't work out last week; mostly due to recovering from strep throat. I've been putting off my commitments to my various roleplaying game stuff, especially CoU.

I think that, up to last week, I hasd let myself get buried in things that I had to do, and hadn't been giving myself enough time for things I wanted to do.

And, some progress on commitments got done. Everyone who I owed CoU mail has recieved it. I've made some progress on the script that will handle Trump contributions, and updated everyone's advancement points. I've finished my AmberTrumps stuff for July.

For the first time in too long, I've actually had enough sleep.

I feel rested in body and mind, more or less. Though I could use another week to get myself straightened out.

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