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52 Weeks of Music And Lunch Week 13: Unter Null's The Failure Epiphany


Friday June 4

Leftovers from last night's dinner from The Pantry, which is sort of a yuppie cafeteria. You go up to the counter and order stuff off of plates. Lunch ended up being a corn fritter with duck in it, a sweet potato and bacon cake, some potato leek bread pudding, herb-stuffed chicken, heirloom beet salad with pine nuts and a bit of fish cake. I'm not hugely fond of the fish cake, but the rest is wonderful. I could use something green in here, but I didn't feel like rapini last night.

I'm also having a St. Ambroise apricot wheat ale with lunch.


Album: Unter Null's The Failure Epiphany

Genre Electro-Industrial

Similar Bands: :wumpscut:, Android Lust, Grendel

Review: I really liked this album. I walked around with it on repeat for two days before I felt the need to listen to something else. Dark, energetic beats with the edge of paranoid unease that I so love in Industrial music.

One odd thing I noticed - Unter Null is a one-woman band. Most of her vocals, though, are so heavily distorted that it's very hard to guess the gender of the vocalist. While heavy vocal distortion is common in Industrial music, I wonder if the gender-masking is intentional. While listening to an industrial podcast, one of the DJs (male) talked about being charmed by Unter Null's dulcet tones. The female DJ responded with confusion, given the level of vocal distortion used. There's something odd in there about the expectation of a woman to be "pretty" even when she's growling into a microphone about violence and unhappiness.

That's sort of beside the point, though. This is a strong album from a solid artist, and I plan to get more Unter Null in the future.

Playlist Potential: Workout for sure. Possible candidates for driving mixes, and any sort of dance/club type mixes.
Tags: 52 weeks of music and lunch, food, musik

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