Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

52 Weeks of Music and Lunch Week 14: Terrorfakt's Teethgrinder


June 10, 2010;
One of neeuqdrazil's magic vegan soups from Stitch and Bitch. Veggie stock, macaroni, chickpeas, fake chicken, spinach and dried mushrooms. Yummy, and at least this time there's some veggies in my lunch. I added some hot sauce, and had a glass of milk with it.


Album: Terrorfakt's Teethgrinder

Genre: Aggrotech

Similar Bands: ... just go look in previous posts at all the aggrotech bands there.

Review: I bought this album because I wanted something heavy, and I liked what I had heard of Terrorfakt's Skullfucker in podcasts. Much like Memmaker's Energon3, apparently the album version of SKullfucker is instrumental and does not in fact feature samples of Gunnery Sgt. R. Lee Emory from Full Metal Jacket. Unlike the Memmaker album, I wasn't that impressed with the rest of the album either. My main impression was boredom. It wasn't *bad* exactly, I think it is just that I had certain expectations.

I am started to get frustrated with tracks that are awesome remixed but kind of dull in the original. More frustrating is that I generally can't find any legal way to get the better versions online - itunes certainly doesn't have them, so except for situations where the remixing band gives the track away online for free, my only options are trying to hunt down obscure compilations and find a way to get the physical disc shipped to me, or trying to grab it illegally online. Given that a big part of the 52 weeks of music and lunch project is to get more music without acquiring space-filling junk, and to actually pay artists for their work, I'm not happy.

Playlist Potential: Meh. It's good filler for generic dance stuff.
Tags: 52 weeks of music and lunch, food, musik

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