Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

52 Weeks of Music And Lunch, Week 15: Modulate's Detonation


A can of maple baked beans, two slices of 3 cheese bread, and a salad with honey mustard dressing. Not bad, but the dressing and the beans did not go well together.


Album: Modulate's Detonation

Genre: More Aggrotech

Similar Bands: See previous list of Aggrotech bands.

Review: Uh, I owe Terrorfakt an apology. I complained at length on last week's download about how Skullfucker didn't sound like the club track I liked. Well, the reason for that is that the track I liked was Modulate's Skullfuck. Which has nothing to do with Terrorfakt. Mea culpa. I do sort of wonder how it has come to pass that I listen to music where there is enough songs about skull-fucking to engender confusion about them.

So, anyway, I now have the track I wanted. There's a very NSFW video for it here.

As far as the actual album goes, it's decent. Heavy beats, highly club-friendly. A little on the poppish/bro-friendly side, but not overly so. Aggressive, energetic stuff. Includes such genre standards as "heavy beat with samples from Full Metal Jacket" and "heavy beat with computer voice talking about sex."

Playlist Potential: Hard & Dirty and Skullfuck are both workout and driving mix contenders.
Tags: 52 weeks of music and lunch, food, musik

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