Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Gluten free bannock

I started with these two recipes:

I used the first as my "savoury" base, and the second as my sweet base. I used mostly the President's Choice gluten free all purpose flour, though the last round I switched to Robin Hood's GF all purpose instead.

Round one:

This batch was done at the cabin, where we had an oven.

The plain bannock, done with chunks of Kawartha Lakes dairy chipotle cheddar crumbled in. Wrapped in parchment paper, then foil, and baked in an oven that was closer to 450F than it was supposed to be.

The sweet was done with blueberries, and the suggested 2 tbsp of sugar, in a baking dish that was greased and floured.. I used butter as the fat source, since I didn't have lard. I also sprinkled a layer of sugar over top.

The cheese bannock was good, though I didn't turn it while cooking, so one side was crisp and the other a little doughy. The sweet bannock was great. Crumbly, sweet and tasty, sort of like a dry scone.

Round two:

A second batch of plain bannock, no cheese this time, done on the BBQ. Used as a burger bun. A tad on the gummy side.

Round three:

This is where is gets good. Now we're cooking on the coals of a camp fire. Everything from here on is done in a cast iron sandwich press.

Basic method: take a large ziploc, fill with the dry ingredients. Close and shake. Open and add the water, then close and mash the bag to mix. Snip an end off the bag. Pipe onto a square of parchment paper. Wrap, then wrap a second time in aluminum foil. Place into a cast iron sandwich press, and put on the coals of a fire. Roast a bit, then turn. If you've cooked it right, when you open it, it should pop a bit. Trapping the steam made the camp fire bannock way fluffier and more breadlike, and the iron gave the outside a nice cripy crust and a regular shape.

I did several rounds of the plain bannock to use as bread/burger buns, and they were great.

The star, though, was the sweet bannock. We switched over to using lard, instead of butter, and added cinnamon with the sugar. The last batch, I also added 3 tbsp of sugar instead of 2. We also added various combinations of: pears, peaches, pecans, spicy chocolate, marshmallow, and orange rhubarb marmalade. The peach turned out the best, especially the next day. We put a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar on the parchment before piping the batter on, and some more on top after squiching in the fillings.

Doing everything in the ziplocs meant that there was almost no mess to clean up - just foil and a zipoc to toss, plus the measuring cup and spoon. 
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