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And, I am updating again. It has been pointed out to me that I don't update often; mostly, that's because lizard updates very often, and most of what happens to me, she writes about first.

Today, though, I've beaten her to it!

This morning, we ran off to Dim Sum with DIrtyBunny and Jairus, along with their Torontonian hosts Adam and (anyname-starting-with-C-with-an-A-in-it).

Dim Sum, and the company, was wonderful. Before lunch had really wound down, we had to run; lizard had to catch her bus at 2:15. We got there at around 2. Lizard bought her ticket, and we parted ways for the weekend.

Then, to Future shop to try to exchange my broken MP3 player. They agreed to give me a new one, but I need to find all the peripherals that I never use to return those as well. I also got Lizard a new network card for her laptop.

Then, to the Hairy Tarantula, to pick up the Sandman I was missing, and "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen".

Finally, to St. Clair, for new sneakers (my old pair split in half last time I worked out), a movie magazine mostly notable for containing a DVD for "Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter". I also picked up Virtua Fighter 4 on a whim.

Once, home, I watched the Justice League and Samurai Jack that I taped this morning.

Now, I need to get myself organized and get ready to go to the house of the NightPig (or is that CrackWatch?), and try to find all the mp3 player bits.

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