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Weekly Whine

All in all, a good weekend.

Of course, since it's me writing this, I will recount the happenings by way of complaints.

Friday and early Saturday are well documented already.

Saturday night, when I left for the NightPig Party, I was for some reason filled with anxiety.

I made it to the GO bus with 5 minutes to spare. Of course, the bus filled before I could get on it. Undaunted, I decided to stand all the way to Hamilton. This, as it turns out, was a mistake.

First of all, the bus driver decided to take the scenic route. It's normally a 45-60 minute ride to Hamilton. After 30 minutes, we had only made it as far as the Ex. The frequent starts, stop, and gear shifts were less than fun while standing.

Additionally, the 13 year old girls behind me wanted to stretch and sprawl and nap, and weren't going to be deterred from maximum relaxation by something so minor as my legs being in the way.

Also, the aisles on the bus are narrow. So when the people on either side of me fell asleep, and started to lean out into the aisle, I got a sleeping head in the butt. This was annoying.

The trip ended up taking over 90 minutes, by which point my legs and feet were screaming. Then, up the hill to the party.

Water, bread, brie, brownies and blondies, as well as a lost of scotch, mezcal, and vanilla vodka got me feeling proper again.

The party was great. the details can be found in others' journals.

Sunday morning, night watch's famous pancake breakfast, and some relaxing vegetating. James the Physicist and MsPiggyOnCrack headed back to Toronto. Then, StB came over, and after more comic book reading, we hit slainte's for lunch, then I headed home.

The trip home was also unpleasant, though shorter. We made it in 45 minutes. Before that, however... I had to run to get on the bus; the driver nearly closed the door in my face. I get the impression that he was running late. So, he wouldn't even look at my ticket before hitting the road. When he did, he claimed that it was only good to oakville. which is odd, since I'd never bought a ticket for hamilton to oakville. But I gave him the extra money. I'm still pretty sure the ticket is good to get from hamilton to TO with...

After that, I hit future shop, and finally managed to get my replacement mp3 player... the new one is sony, so hopefully better made, but it has far fewer features. I'll live, I suppose.

Now, I'm working from home today because i have a specialist appointment today concerning my cholesterol. I presume he'll order many more blood tests and refer me to a nutritionist.

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