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I got a free dinner tonight, from work. I was expecting some heap of red lobster-mandarin buffet junk. which is what I usually get from free work dinners. Instead, we went to Milestones, which turns out to be a Real Restaurant, the kind I can't typically afford to eat at. So, good food, and good wine, and surprisingly, good conversation; I was talking to people I don't typically work with.

The lack of sleep this week caught up to me, though, and three glasses of wine went a bit more to my head than usual. I knocked an empty glass over while standing up on the way out, so I felt rather stupid; I'm usually more careful about how drunk I get around people I want to respect me.

Ah well. All in all, though a very destressing night. I also finally got around to buying myself some webhosting; I will soon be the proud owner of

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