Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

I think I've figured out my hallowe'en costume. I might not require any sewing this year. This disturbs me.

I think I am going to do Loki, dressed all in black, with a sort of Jareth from Labyrith feel, but more dark ages than regency fashions. I am somewhat torn on the subject of what to do with my hair. I may also try to find some scarves or something with a flame pattern to wear mixed in among all the black.

Every time I see Loki in comics (ignoring the travesty of Marvel), he has a sort of big, swept up hair do, like a candle flame. I am definitely not going to try that. I'm considering some thing similar to the jareth hairdo, but I don't know if I can manage to pull that off either. I could just wear it down, but that sounds kind of dull.

We still need to work out the detail for neeuqdrazil's costume, and get the needed bits. Her face parts will be more complicated than mine... we might have to fall back on face make up if it comes down to it.

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