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answers to anything

ok, assuming I keep getting new replies, I'll keep doing these posts periodically.

1) I think I'd still be in the career I'm in. I can't think of anything else that could hold my interest as well.
2) Yes, in general. There are parts of my life that are not, so much, but these are things I can change.

1) I think it would be neat if one's spirit drifted into the "ghost world" before becoming one with some sort of collective unconscious, or joining with the spirit of the planet or something. But, really, you just die, and then there's nothing but a rotting corpse.
2) Mainly, chances not taken.

1) I'd pursue hobbies. Take 6 months to a year to learn the basics of armoursmithing and weaponsmithing. Devote more time to studying martial arts. Write code that I want to write. Take up painting and sculpting again. Maybe write and publish an RPG or two. Sponsor conventions for things I like. go clubbing more often. Design my own clothes and have someone else make them for me. Start a company to sell and market Easter Meat.

1) Perhaps. Not enough to spend money on it though. Wanna play some Nobilis?
2) No.


  1. Cuddles

  2. Doughnuts

  3. Guinness

2) Toronto. But in a big house, on a subway line.

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