Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Dream Report

So I again actually remember dreams. Last night, I dreamt about picking up tafkar from the subway. There was something about a costume party that we were going to, but instead, we ended up at the mall with neeuqdrazil and quinnclub. We were having a nice time, and I think we were going to go see a movie.

Despite having such sedate dreams, though, I didn't sleep at all well, yet again. *sigh* Hopefully I will sleep tonight.

On the plus side, it is Halloween! This makes me happy. I'm all dressed up today (I took the easy way out, and I'm doign a "goth-vampire" thing today). If all goes well, I might win myself dinner for two at the Keg Mansion. Failing that, I'll likely get at least a sack of candy, which is all anyone really needs from Halloween.

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