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nobilis crap

So, in my thinking on Nobilis, one of the things that has bothered me is the Big Bad NPC of D00m, Lord Entropy. After some thought, I'm ok with his role in the world, but I can't stand the name "Lord Entropy". It sounds a bit too... D&D for the feel of Nobilis.

After browsing through some web pages on angelic names from Xian, Jewish and Muslim traditions, I've pulled out what looks to be a fairly minor angel, and stolen the name.

So, in my nobilis games, he will be Malach Ra, the Darkest Lord, the Bloody Imperator. Some will call him Lord Entropy. Others might call him Mister Tangle. What I'm going for is something like the multitude of names that Morpheus from Sandman has; sure Sandman is one of his names, but it doesn't get used often. I mean, it sounds a bit silly, like a comic book name...

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