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Much fun this weekend, largely due to the presence of the lovely tafkar. Friday, pez_minotaur and I got ourselves lost, half a dozen times, but we finally found tafkar and brought her back. Pez rocks for driving us around.

Saturday, we went through Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, then to Lick's for lunch. After that, we saw 8 Mile. Then back home, for food, recreation and club preparation. We only stayed at the club for a little while; the ladies were worn out, and my ears quickly began to ring; the sound system seems worse than on previous visits.

Today, I stayed in bed far too long, letting my blood sugar drop, and thinking negative thoughts. This was followed by bagels, orange juice and a long shower of cerebral debugging. After that, we went downtown for lunch, and shopping. We canceled dinner, since we were full, and came home to dye hair and work on resumes.

We will likely end up asleep ere long.

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