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draining all pleasure from food

So, I made it to the nutritionist today. I'm feeling... unconvinced.

I was kind of hoping for some general guidelines to work with; something like, more protein here, less carbs here, these foods are good, these you ought to avoid. Instead, I got basically a menu to live off of. The menu is pretty limited, and doesn't really allow for flexibility or creativity, and assume that one has time to pre-cook stuff.

I was provided with a pile of recipes, almost all of which look bland and uninteresting; it's basically the same kind of bland, uninteresting stuff my parents keep working at. I'm going to try to stick to it for a while anyway, but I suspect that I'll just cough up the cash (this ain't covered by OHIP) and take what I can live with and see how I do.

On the fun side, it took just over two hours to get to the place from work, plus 30 minutes to stop and eat some lunch. It'll be a bit quicker once the Sheppard subway line opens next week, but it's still a trek, and it'll still end up with me basically losing half a day of work...

I spent a good deal of my life feeling guilty about everything I ate, and hating most of the food I was eating. I don't especially want to go back to that, and I know Liz won't put up with this limited menu.
If this is what I have to do to live longer, maybe a shorter life is the better deal?

Blah. I am tired and feeling negative. I want to eat birthday cake to rebel.
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